Building regulations require drainage systems for balconies to comply with standards and prevent rainwater accumulation. However, there are instances when balcony drainage systems become blocked. In such cases, what can you do to address this issue?

To effectively address blocked balcony drains, consider implementing free-draining balconies as they offer an excellent solution. Additionally, using grooved decking boards can help divert rainwater away from the balcony due to their structural design.

Greenz Drainage specializes in providing drainage solutions to tackle blocked drains, ensuring your balcony remains free of water and maintains its structural integrity.

Continue reading to discover more about handling blocked balcony drains and how we can assist you.

What Is Balcony Drainage? Balcony drainage is an essential system designed to prevent the build-up of standing water and moisture saturation on balconies. It is crucial to find the right drainage solution, especially because balconies are constantly exposed to outdoor elements. This is particularly important for buildings with flat roofs, as there is no natural runoff for rainwater.

Customized balcony drainage systems tailored to your balcony’s specifications are vital, as blockages can still occur over time, despite regulatory measures.

When considering rainwater reflection, it’s important to account for spillage on the ground below or underneath neighbouring balconies. In such cases, constructing a guttering system to channel water to an appropriate drain is advisable. Proper maintenance of the guttering system is crucial to ensure smooth balcony drainage, and gutter cleaning services can help maintain it.

Regardless of the chosen system, preventing water blockages is essential to avoid potential structural damage.

Do All Balconies Have Drainage Solutions? Most balconies are equipped with some form of drainage system or water ingress prevention to safeguard the balcony’s surface, edges, and structural spaces. For instance, concrete balconies typically include a waterproof membrane to repel water, particularly in buildings with flat roofs. Additionally, overflow pipes are commonly installed during construction to ensure the balcony remains water-free.

However, even with these measures in place, blockages can develop over time.

How to Maintain Balcony Drainage at Home To prevent balcony drainage systems from becoming blocked, take proactive steps:

  1. Keep doorways clutter-free and minimize personal items on the balcony to maximize drainage access.
  2. Ensure guardrails connecting drainage pipes are securely fastened to maintain a sturdy connection.
  3. If your property has raised tiles, sweep off any pooled water to prevent moisture retention.
  4. If water from the building’s upper facade is falling onto your balcony, contact the property manager to address the issue and protect your balcony.

These solutions help protect your property’s facade and keep the balcony’s drainage system clear.

When to Seek Professional Help for Blocked Balcony Drainage If you are unable to unblock the drainage reservoir yourself, consider calling a professional, especially when:

  • Early signs of blockage are observed.
  • Water remains stagnant and does not drain from your balcony.


  1. Do Balconies Need Gutters? Gutters are preferable for balconies that easily retain water or lack proper drainage pipelines. Gutters efficiently redirect water into pipes, preventing ground spillage.
  2. How to Waterproof a Balcony Floor? You can waterproof a balcony floor by applying specialized coatings with waterproof membranes. Polyurethane sealants and additional layers of primer and waterproofing membranes create a waterproof barrier on the balcony floor.
  3. How Much Should a Balcony Slope? Balconies should be designed to slope at least one-quarter inch per foot of total space, ensuring proper drainage. A minimum of 1% slope across the entire balcony is recommended to facilitate water flow.

Why Choose Greenz for Drain Clearance? Greenz Drainage offers comprehensive and high-quality drainage and plumbing services, with expertise in handling various drainage issues, including balcony blockages. We provide cost-effective services and offer no-obligation quotes, ensuring peace of mind during challenging situations.

For more information, fill out this contact form to request a call back or email. You can also reach us by phone atย 021-555-2321/021-555-3834 or 081-475-2757.

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