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“To be the most professional and accessible Plumbing Company in the Western Cape 24/7, a company that prides itself on its reputation for, family values, unquestionable professionalism, ethics, super friendly service and unsurpassed quality of workmanship”


Peace of mind is guaranteed with Greenz Drainage – 24/7 Drainage Cape Town. We adopt and strictly comply with industry standards, allowing us to issue a Certificate of Compliance when buying or selling a property. Accredited by the PIRB, we adhere to all their rules and regulations. Additionally, we are accredited by the City of Cape Town (Water Compliance Bylaws) and comply with their guidelines. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Residential Services

No job is to small, from maintenance to installation – we offer affordable and professional plumbing services for your home.  REQUEST A QUOTE

Commercial Services

No job is too big and our teams are skilled in dealing with any commercial requirements from new building installations to maintenance for rental agencies. REQUEST A QUOTE

Understanding & Handling Plumbing Leaks

Understanding & Handling Plumbing LeaksWhat is a Plumbing Leak?A plumbing leak occurs when water escapes from the intended...

What To Do If Your Balcony Drains Are Blocked | Tips And Tricks

Building regulations require drainage systems for balconies to comply with standards and prevent rainwater accumulation....

A Comparative Analysis of Kwikot and HeatTech Geysers

Geysers play a crucial role in providing hot water for our daily needs, whether it's for bathing, cooking, or cleaning. Two...

Drainage Problems and Signs to Look For

Drains and the broader drainage systems that encompass them are essential to our everyday lives.

How To Clear A Blocked Shower Drain

One of the most common issues in plumbing is a blocked shower drain. Few people realise that shower drains expel much more than...

What to do in a Plumbing Emergency!

Locate the main water shut-off valve in your home and turn it off. This will stop the flow of water to the affected area and...

Greenz Renovations

Unveiling your newly renovated home to loved ones is a joy like no other. Greenz Plumbing & Drainage shares in this pride, making your dream home renovation a reality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence means we use only the best products and materials, ensuring your kitchen or bathroom renovation not only meets your vision but also avoids any issues, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Blocked Pipes

We can clean pipes up to 300mm wide and reach lengths of 250mm. Our expertise covers challenging substances like sand, cement, mud, sludge, fats, and oils. Our adaptable system adjusts pressure settings for each task and drain. We also offer equipment for efficient roadway, driveway, and paving cleaning with a pressure washing tool.

Blocked Drains

Our expert teams swiftly diagnose and efficiently remove blockages, indoors or outdoors, from toilets to stormwater lines. As registered Institute of Plumbing SA members, our services are often covered by major insurers, ensuring a hassle-free solution.

Leak Detection

For 24/7 plumbing service, you require not only top plumbers but also empathetic professionals who understand your frustration. Greenz Plumbing & Drainage specialises in such situations. Our expert leak detection teams, supported by highly experienced plumbers, are here to assist you during plumbing emergencies.

Green Energy

At Greenz Plumbing and Drainage, we firmly believe in the future of clean and cost-effective energy, specifically solar energy. Our commitment lies in offering straightforward and sustainable cost savings to our customers through the implementation of Solar Water Heating systems and heat pumps.

Camera Inspections

Equipped with a 30m cable, our advanced inspection camera enables thorough assessment of sewer and stormwater lines, avoiding the need for excavation. This cutting-edge system not only provides real-time inspection but also records high-quality video footage, which can be shared with customers through detailed reports, ensuring transparency and a clear understanding of the situation.

Our Clients



“Great Work. Very professional and know what they are doing. Will use them anytime. Thanks”


“Wonderful experience. Cannot speak of any other company. Greenz is Gold!”


“Quick, fast and friendly. the technicians are very knowledgeable, and nothing seems impossible for them.”

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