A burst geyser is a plumbing emergency, follow the below instructions and then contact us immediately:

  • Find your electrical mains board (DB board) and switch off your geyser.
  • Locate your water mains tap and close it.
  • Open up a few hot water taps to reduce pressure in the Geyser and reduce water pouring from the geyser.
  • Move furniture and other items away from the leak area before the water spreads.
  • Mop up as much excess water as you can to try and avoid damage to anything close by.
  • Call your insurance company and plumber.

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Tips to prevent a burst geyser

A burst geyser can cause serious damage. Using a certified plumber only; follow these prevention tips:

  • Have your geyser serviced at least every 3 years.
  • Ensure a drip tray is installed to reduce damage in the event of your geyser bursting.
  • Ensure the temperature setting is correct and make use of a geyser blanket.
  • Avoid allowing your geyser to go cold.
  • If you notice the following, call your plumber: your geyser keeps tripping your power, excessive water or steam coming from the overflow pipe, loud and odd noises from the geyser or pressure and temperature changes.

*A geyser blanket will not only help insulate and regulate temperature when there is a power outage, but it will also help reduce your electricity bill.

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