Reducing your water usage can be achieved through not just behavior but good maintenance and water-efficient plumbing fixtures :

  • Fix leaking taps.
  • Make sure all seals are checked and replaced if perishing.
  • Install aerators in your taps.
  • Switch to dual flush toilets.
  • Upgrade your toilet cistern to lower water capacity.
  • Use Faucets with reduced flow.
  • Install aerating Showerheads with flow regulation.
  • Install a rainwater collecting tank.
  • Install a grey water system.

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Tips for saving water in your home

These simple tips will save you money and help reduce your water usage:

  • Take showers over bathing.
  • Shower with a bucket collecting the cold water and runoff.
  • Shower for under 8 min.
  • Don’t run taps while shaving, brushing your teeth or washing your face.
  • Collect grey water that can be used in your garden.
  • Switch to a water efficient front loading washing machine.
  • Rinse vegetable over a bowl and use water for your plants.

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