1. Dripping / Leaking Faucets
    Often as simple as a worn out or dislodged washer. Don’t ignore it, as a dripping or leaky faucet can amount to hundreds of litres of wasted clean water per year.
  2. Slow or Clogged Sink and Shower Drains
    Drains often become blocked by food, hair, oil and soap. Clearing the blockage may be as simple as using a plunger or it may require a plumber with the right tools and experience to get your drain blockage cleared. Take care when using store purchased drain cleaning chemicals which may be harmful to you and sometimes your plumbing.
  3. Leaking Pipes
    Corroded pipes, shifting pipes and bad installations could all lead to leaking pipes. While it may be possible to temporarily fix some leaks – the potential damage and costs mean it is much better to get a plumber in to properly repair your pipes.
  4. Blocked Toilet
    If you flush and the bowl fills up without draining, your toilet has a blockage. This could be from paper, sanitary products and human waste. If it cannot be plunged, you’re going to need a plumber who has the right tools and equipment to clear the blockage.
  5. Running Toilet
    A running toilet can be extremely wasteful of clean water but thankfully it’s often easy to repair. If you aren’t clued on how to replace any faulty parts of your cistern, your plumber will able to fix this for you with relative ease.
  6. Geyser Problems
    From water temperature and pressure changes to a burst geyser. Most Geysers have a life span of around 5 years, however with regular maintenance that may be prolonged.
  7. Sewer Backups
    Your sewer line might be backed up because of what was flushed into the line (nappies, wipes, sanitary products or even grease/oil), it may be root invasion from trees and larger plants in your yard or your line could be eroded and damaged. Your plumber can help ascertain the scope of the problem as well as clear or repair your sewer line.

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Regular maintenance can save you money.

Plumbing problems can range from simple to sometimes very complex. You might find that you are able to solve the problem with a trip to your hardware store and a little elbow grease or you might need a professional plumber in to get it done right – Either way, it’s worth looking into frequent plumbing maintenance to ensure small problems don’t become large expensive ones down the line.

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