Rainwater Harvesting Benefits

Installing a rainwater collection tank will benefit you in many ways, here are some :

  • It’s an investment on your property – adding immediate value.
  • You can reduce flooding in your yard.
  • By reducing your municipal water usage, you are reducing your water bill and the inflationary pressure that comes with increasing water tariffs.
  • You can keep your pool filled up and plants watered during severe restrictions.
  • Easily scalable so you can extend your collection capacity.
  • You participate in water conservation – helping to reduce your consumption of critical clean drinking water.
  • Water will become increasingly scarce and we live in a water-scarce country, it’s never too late or too soon to install a water tank.

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Tips on selecting your water tank

There is a load of tank brands and sizes readily available, here are some tips on choosing yours:

  • Choose a brand with a good warranty that is locally produced.
  • Remember – Vertical tanks require 100 percent leveled concrete bases.
  • Ensure you have sufficient space before selecting a tank size and that you can get the tank into the desired area of your property – you might require multiple smaller tanks instead.
  • Even when elevated the water pressure will be much lower than the municipal pressure, look at installing a good pump suitable for your usage requirements.
  • Finally, make use of a good installer, like Greenz Plumbing, to ensure everything is 100 percent from the start.

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Greenz Plumbing complies with and is accredited with the PIRB and City of Cape Town (Water by-laws), we install locally produced JoJo tanks that have an 8-year warranty.

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