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Greenz Plumbing is a Cape Town based Plumbing Company that provides a professional plumber service to both households and businesses in the Southern suburbs and Northern suburbs. We repair burst pipes, reroute water mains, leak detection services, repair/replace burst geysers, bathroom, and kitchen renovations/re-modeling, as well as general plumbing services. You can rely on our 24hr standby plumbing team to offer you a fast, efficient and friendly service when you need it most.  Greenz Plumbing complies with and is accredited with the PIRB and City of Cape Town (Water by-laws), we will replace your burst geysers with a SABS approved Heattech or Kwikot Geyser. Our installations come with a certificate of compliance (COC) required by your insurance company.

Brackenfell Branch

Killarney Branch

24hr Service

Our 24hr standby plumbing teams are here to deal with any plumbing emergency you may have.

Plumbing Pro's

Skilled and efficient teams with a minimum of 5 years of on-site experience.


We comply with and are accredited with the PIRB and City of Cape Town (Water by-laws)


Burst Geysers

We will swiftly attend to your Geyser emergency and will repair or replace your burst geyser using Kwikot or Heatech Geysers. Installations with a certificate of compliance (COC).

What to do when your geyser bursts?

A burst geyser is a plumbing emergency, follow the below instructions and then contact us immediately:

  • Find your electrical mains board (DB board) and switch off your geyser.
  • Locate your water mains tap and close it.
  • Open up a few hot water taps to reduce pressure in the Geyser and reduce water pouring from the geyser.
  • Move furniture and other items away from the leak area before the water spreads.
  • Mop up as much excess water as you can to try and avoid damage to anything close by.
  • Call your insurance company and plumber.
How to Prevent a burst geyser?

A burst geyser can cause serious damage. Using a certified plumber only; follow these prevention tips:

  • Have your geyser serviced at least every 3 years.
  • Ensure a drip tray is installed to reduce damage in the event of your geyser bursting.
  • Ensure the temperature setting is correct and make use of a geyser blanket.
  • Avoid allowing your geyser to go cold.
  • If you notice the following, call your plumber: your geyser keeps tripping your power, excessive water or steam coming from the overflow pipe, loud and odd noises from the geyser or pressure and temperature changes.

*A geyser blanket will not only help insulate and regulate temperature when there is a power outage, but it will also help reduce your electricity bill.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is an emergency that needs to be dealt with urgently and before major damage is caused. Our team can help repair and avoid further damage to your property.



Call Greenz Plumbing now, to help locate any leaks on your property.

We Detect and Repair Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can lead to major damage on your property and immediate attention is needed to avert further damage and restore your water to your home or business. We have a team on standby 24/7 to assist and repair burst pipes.

We used advanced audio and thermography to detect hidden or buried pipes that may have burst and will repair or replace depending on the scope of the problem. Our teams are polite, tidy and skilled to deal with your emergency fast and efficiently.


From design to installation, we are here to help bring your dream bathroom or kitchen to life. We offer quality and guaranteed workmanship for your bathroom or kitchen re-modeling.

Leak Detections

We use state of the art Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) equipment to detect moisture and acoustic audio detection systems to locate leaks in buried pipes.

State of the Art Leak Detection

Greenz Plumbing is a Cape Town based Plumber that provides state of the art Infrared, which allows us to quickly target moisture issues, visually guiding us to the spot where we can identify leaks, damage, and visibly hidden damage. We also make use of acoustic detection systems to located leaks in buried pipes.

Using either thermography or acoustic Leak Detection is an efficient and elegant solution to detecting hidden leaks instead of smashing tiles and walls to inspect and find problem areas or digging up driveways and yards.



Call your friendly local plumbers now, to help locate any leaks on your property.


Regular maintenance of your plumbing can minimize costly damage in the long run. Replacing faulty valves, perished seals and pipes before you end up with a major emergency.



Call Greenz Plumbing now, to arrange a maintenance schedule or check-up for your property.

Why have regular maintenance checks?

Regular plumbing maintenance will help keep your home or business plumbing running all year round with minimal interruption and costs. A small investment now can potentially save thousands by avoiding major leaks and blockages.

We fix leaking faucets and shower heads – leaking taps can amount to hundreds of Rands per year never mind the wasted clean water. We clean or change aerators – obstructions affect water pressure. We fix toilets that run – repair or replace parts in the toilet cistern. We clear slow or partially blocked drains – avoid a totally blocked drain and nuisance and health risks that come with that. Sink leaks – your kitchen sink is heavily used and can often become problematic, keeping it clear can save you having to deal with repairs to cupboards and counters. We check water pressure – if need be the replacement of your pressure regulator to avoid high or low-pressure problems. Mainline maintenance – Regular maintenance of your main line can avoid serious and costly problems down the line. An obstruction on your main line can result in multiple blockages on your property, with potential health risks. Deal with a partial blockage before it becomes a full blockage.

Mains Re-Routing

Old and corroded mains pipes can continually leak and burst. Only a skilled team with experience should tackle a mains rerouting. We are skilled in residential and commercial mains rerouting.



Old and corroded mains pipes can continually leak and burst. Only a skilled team with experience should tackle a mains rerouting, given the scope of planing and proper installation required. We are skilled in residential and commercial mains rerouting.

When rerouting your mains we will minimize damage done to your garden, driveway, paving etc – working fast and efficiently, we will bring your clean water supply back online.


Guaranteed workmanship by service-oriented plumbers!

Certificate of Compliance

Plumbing Certificates of Compliance are issued by licensed plumbers to certify that their plumbing work complies with all regulatory installations requirements.


We are accredited with the City of Cape Town and Plumbing Industry registration board. Compliance and accreditation allow us to issue a certificate of compliance (COC) for your property purchase/sale or insurance requirements.

Commercial Plumbing Clients

Client Testimonials

Chantel Retter

Called in the morning, they came out the same day. Went above and beyond what was required of them. Great and friendly service. Highly recommended Greenz Plumbing

Devan Murugan

I called these guys on a Sunday afternoon to attend to a serious blockage problem. Team was at my place in 15 minutes!!
Job was done efficiently and professionally at affordable rates. Thanks Shaun and Team, much appreciated!!

Charl-Claude Swanepoel

Awesome workmanship and service with a smile! Will most definitely recommend and personally use their service again! Who can disagree with such competitive prices as well…

Residential Plumbing

No job is to small, from maintenance to installation – we offer affordable and professional plumbing services for your home.  QUOTE REQUEST

Commercial Plumbing

No job is too big and our teams are skilled in dealing with any commercial requirements from new building installations to maintenance for rental agencies. QUOTE REQUEST

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