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Greenz Plumbing & Drainage is the top choice for plumbers seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career. We offer plumbers an opportunity to excel in their field while being part of a supportive team dedicated to excellence. At Greenz, we prioritize skill development, provide continuous training, and foster a collaborative work environment that allows plumbers to grow both personally and professionally. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmentally friendly practices, making Greenz an ideal fit for those who want to contribute to sustainable plumbing solutions. Join us and become an integral part of a company that values expertise, offers growth prospects, and works towards a greener future in plumbing and drainage.

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Peace of mind is guaranteed with Greenz Plumbing & Drainage – 24/7 Plumbing & Drainage Cape Town. We adopt and strictly comply with industry standards, allowing us to issue a Certificate of Compliance when buying or selling a property. Accredited by the PIRB, we adhere to all their rules and regulations. Additionally, we are accredited by the City of Cape Town (Water Compliance Bylaws) and comply with their guidelines. We are trusted in our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Career Interest

Have you passed the PIRB's practical and written board assessment in the 5 Core PIRB designation levels

Residential Drainage

No job is too small, from maintenance to installation – we offer affordable and professional plumbing services for your home. 

Commercial Drainage

No job is too big and our teams are skilled in dealing with any commercial requirements from new building installations to maintenance for rental agencies. 

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